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Why should a Chartered Accountant be aware of International Taxation Laws?

In context of ICAI’s vision; The profession of Chartered Accountancy is touching international heights in the area of Auditing and Taxation. Our Institute is working relentlessly for making Indian Chartered Accountants, A Global Professional. Now what makes a Chartered Accountant different from other professionals is their adaptability towards new and tough areas. As you know very well, Taxation is the most dynamic and wide area as compared to auditing and the increasing globalization is making Indian Taxation Authorities to take a few steps more towards taxing the international transactions, so when it comes to tax the international transactions there is a need of a Chartered Accountant.

“Where there is a Tax, There is a Chartered Accountant!!!”

It is not wrong to mention that it is impossible for the taxation department to regulate this huge tax regime without the support of Chartered Accountants or I can say, Government introduces the Taxation Laws and the Chartered Accountants implements the same. Now it is a duty of each and every professional that he should be aware of these laws, doesn’t matter whether he is working in the area of taxation or auditing or company law because everything is interlinked. You can’t focus on one thing till the time you are aware about its corresponding law.

Being a part of this community of emerging professionals, I just want to contribute my part for educating the students and those members who left untouched by this subject. Those students who has chosen International Taxation as elective subject, it is going to be a revision for them and for others; it will be a great knowledge. Yes, Trust me, A Great Knowledge.

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Atul Khurana, the young aspirant is the founder of this online platform where mutual exchange of knowledge takes place. He is a consistent writer and authored more than 45 articles and 3 professional books on taxation in the last 5 years. After exploring himself in the field of technical and inspirational write-ups, he discovered himself as a Hindi Poet. Besides this, He is a Public Speaker and got selected by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) more than 10 times for delivering speeches on Taxation, Auditing, Accountancy and Finance subject across India.

On the professional and practical side, he had got an opportunity to learn the deep aspects of accountancy, taxation and auditing in M/s Bhutoria Ganesan & Co. Chartered Accountants, Chandigarh under the mentorship of CA. Manik Goyal.

You can refer all his work on this website.

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