Application of AS-22 on AS-19

Application of AS-22 on AS-19

Hello everyone today we will discuss about the application of AS-22 in AS -19 “leases”. I am writing this article to discuss with you all how AS- 22 deferred taxes is applied in  AS-19

There are two types of lease

  • Financial lease
  • Operating lease

Financial lease is lease where risk and reward are also transferred to lessee by lessor

Operating lease means lease other than financial lease

In case of financial lease we get the ownership of asset so we charge depreciation on asset but in case of income tax they don’t consider asset on lease as an asset so depreciation and finance charges are not allowed, only lease rentals paid are allowed as expense. So DTA/DTL are created on such difference


Ram took one machine on lease whose fair value was Rs 100000. Agreed lease rentals were


Guaranteed residual value on lease was Rs 10000

Rate of interest 10%, Expenses on lease nil, Tax rate 30 %, life of machine 3 years


Calculation of value of machine

Lower of following

  • Fair value


  • V. of minimum lease payments from standpoint of lessee
YearLease rentaldiscountP.V.
Y 1390000.90935451
Y 2260000.82621476
TOTAL                                              99971

So value of machine Rs 99971(lower of fair value rupees 100000 or P.V. of MLP RS 99971)

Calculation of finance charges
Y0Less:-   down payment10000
Y1Less:- paid30003
Y2Less:- paid20003
Balance:-39965440004035(balancing figure)

Finance charges is just like a loan account here value of machine is rupees 99971 of which Rs 10000 is down payment so balance payment is Rs 89971 on which interest is levied @ 10% Rs 8997 for 1styear , instalment paid at the end of 1st year Rs 39000 so principal payment is Rs 30003. Now the outstanding amount in the second year is Rs 59968 on which interest is levied at the end of 2nd year @ 10% Rs 5997, instalment paid Rs 26000 so principal payment is Rs 20003 and so on.

Effects in accounts and taxation

Accounts treatment                                      Tax treatment       Timing difference      Deferred tax
Yearsfinance chargesdepreciationInstalments
   34035333234400066421993(Reversal of DTA)

For accounting purpose  the lease asset is treated  as asset  so depreciation is charged on asset and finance charges on outstanding loan amount, in the first year total deduction allowed as per accounting purpose is Rs  42321, for tax purpose, lease asset do not consider as asset so depreciation and finance charges are not allowed, only lease rentals are allowed which is Rs 49000, the amount of deduction allowed  for tax purpose exceed the deduction allowed for accounting purpose by Rs 6679 and therefore taxable income is lower  than the accounting income.

This gives rise to deferred tax liability is of Rs 2004, in second year deduction for accounting purpose is Rs 39321 and deduction for taxation purpose is Rs 26000, accounting income is more than is more than taxable income, this gives rise to DTA Rs 1993(Rs 3993 minus 2004 opening balance of DTL), 3rd year deduction allowed for taxation purpose exceeds deduction allowed for accounting purpose so DTA created in second year Rs 1993 is reversed in 3rd year.

This is the treatment of AS-22 in AS-19

So i have discussed just a part of this accounting standard, Hope you  enjoyed reading the article and gain some knowledge from this. If you have any queries please ask me i will try to solve it, you can mail me at

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!

Esha Agrawal


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