Treatment of Reverse charge under GST

Hello Everyone coming with another article in this new year on Reverse Charge under GST, Reverse charge is a mechanism where recipient of goods and/ or services is liable to pay GST instead of supplier. Now What is Reverse Charge ? Under Normal Scenario, tax is paid by a supplier who makes supply of goods or services or both. However, under Reverse Charge Mechanism, liability to pay tax would not be on the supplier of goods or services or both but on the [...]

Base Erosion & Profit Shifting – A Global Challenge

Base Erosion & Profit Shifting – A Global Challenge Meaning: “Recently more and more enterprises organised abroad by American firms have arranged their corporate structures aided by artificial arrangements between parent and subsidiary regarding intercompany pricing, the transfer of patent licensing rights, the shifting of management fees, and similar practices in order to reduce sharply or eliminate completely their tax liabilities both at home and abroad.” So, Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) refers to tax avoidance strategies that exploit gaps and [...]

Role of a Chartered Accountant in Nation Building

It was well said by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that Chartered Accountants are partners in the nation building. Chartered Accountancy is not only about Debit and credit of accounts. Scope of Chartered Accountancy has grown at gigantic level. Chartered Accountants are the backbone of  the nation’s economy and due to their financial expertise, they can guide the nation by suggesting various economic and financial measures to uplift the deteriorating Indian economy and boost up the economic as well as industrial growth [...]

The Painful Desires

“Muze Karna Hai” When we dream for something and about to achieve it, life will never be happy to see your dream to become true, It will come to you (Life) and slap you in a manner that you will cry..... But if you will stand up after that slap and say that "I WILL DO” then believe me no one even God cannot stop you to achieve your dream.... That "slap" of life to make you fail is the exam taken [...]


  BACKGROUND I would like to Owe to all the readers for providing good response& Appreciation to my article “GEAR UP FOR THE FIRST GST RETURN(GSTR-3B)”. Various registered persons under GST Act have input credit balance of OLD LAWS (Excise, Servicetax, Value Added tax, Entry Tax (In some cases)) which they want to be carried forward in GST. Hence government has come up with transitional provisions to entertain such credit to be carried forward. However, over the period of two months we have [...]

Part – 13 : GST 3B – Filing Procedure

GSTR 3B is a return form need to be file for month of july and august. In GSTR 3-B,we do not have to provide invoice level information. Only total value for each field need to be file.GSTIN holder need to file GSTR 3B upto 20th august for month of july. Please note that now this date is extended to 25th august. GSTIN holder need to file GSTR 3B upto 20th September for month of august. Those who want  to claim benefit [...]


Section 24, Power of Securities and Exchange Board to regulate issue and transfer of securities, etc The provisions of this section specifically bring the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) into the big picture. As per this section: In case of listed companies and the companies which intend to get their securities listed on any recognized stock exchange in India, The matters related to Issue and transfer of securities and Non-payment of dividend, Shall be administered by the Securities and Exchange Board [...]


Section 21, Authentication of documents, proceedings and contracts As per the provisions of this act, it is the duty of KMP (Key Managerial Personnel) or an officer of the company duly authorized by the board should sign: a document or proceeding requiring authentication by a company; or contracts made by or on behalf of a company. Section 22, Execution of bills of exchange, etc If a bill of exchange, hundi or promissory note has been made, accepted, drawn, or endorsed in the [...]


GST on Textile industry Hope you had read the previous parts of the GST Duniya series, if not, then read it from here: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 As we all have watched in news and nearby areas that textile industry is very much affected with GST regime. It is expected that tax burden is going to increase on textile industry. In this article,we will discuss about GST on Textile industry. There are so many points which are [...]

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