“Trust….”~ Surbhi

She used to call him her brother..Bhaiya... This is how he was addressed by her.. As time passed by,  she started trusting him..Laughing together,  sharing talks with him.. They both were becoming good friends..But not every story have a good end One day, crying,  she called her best friend,What she listened, she could not understand, He told her something hard to believe,He was saying this.. She could not believe.. Annoying was not what he said..But more annoying was that it was he who said.. Her [...]

Fall and get up ~Surbhi

  We not always get what we want..Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more.. It's really very hard to accept less..Sky touching expectations create more mess.. It seems as if whole life is shattered..As if except that dream, nothing else mattered.. Only those who've experienced it can understand..Seeing failure, fall and then again stand.. But as it is said,  it takes time to build castle..Big destinations are not achieved in a hassle.. So get up,  try again to succeed...Don't stop until your mission is achieved.. Get positivity,  [...]

Life ~Surbhi

 We all have just one life..Attached with many others'..  But our life My life starts with my family.. Mom nd dad..Full of crazy friends.. cute and mad.. They love me more than I love them..Must have done many good deeds.. That's why I have them.. It's like god's grace and blessings on me..Such a beautiful life.. Not everyone is blessed like me.. Being close to such people.. I feel proud..And i promise.. One day I'll also make you all proud 

Sometimes I wish ~Surbhi

 I wish I was a bit more strong..Then i wouldn't cry on such shitty things so long.. I wish i could think a bit less..Then i could keep away from my mind all that useless.. I wish i could say.. I don't care..Speaking up all my head's stuff..  I could dare.. I can't find all these things in me..I find myself a little less in me But there's one wish I would never make..Be able to hurt others.. Never ever want to be [...]

I’m changed…..Surbhi

I recently came to know.. I'm changed.. Somethings turned good, somethings turned bad... This way I changed... For some I'm good.. For some I'm rude.. Thus they feel me changed.. Somewhat my friends told me.. Somewhat my family.. But most of it, i found inside.. That I'm changed.. Though I don't know myself.. But i pray from god.. This change is for good.. However I'm changed. 

बदल रही हूँ मैं! ~सुरभि

आज मैने खुद को देखा, कुछ बदल गयी हूँ मैं,पहले जैसी भोली भाली, अब नहीं हूँ मैं,सफ़लता की दौड़ में, दौड़ रही हूँ मैं,लोगों को पहचानना , सीख रही हूँ मैं,कुछ बदल गयी हूँ मैं, कुछ बदल रही हूँ मैं!!

KAS – 1

Some facts which should reach your minds.Scientists have shown that bees can use polarisaton patterns to identify flowers and improve foraging efficiency, but only if the flower face downwards. The venom of the golden lancehead viper, one of the world's deadliest snakes, can kill a person in less than 60 minutes. If you eat a Polar Bear Liver, you will die. Humans Can't handle that much Vitamin A. There are no living descendants of Julius Caesar today, even [...]