“Trust….”~ Surbhi

“Trust….”~ Surbhi

She used to call him her brother..

Bhaiya… This is how he was addressed by her..


As time passed by,  she started trusting him..

Laughing together,  sharing talks with him..


They both were becoming good friends..

But not every story have a good end


One day, crying,  she called her best friend,

What she listened, she could not understand,


He told her something hard to believe,

He was saying this.. She could not believe..


Annoying was not what he said..

But more annoying was that it was he who said..


Her trust was broken.. It was a bad phase..

She ignored him.. Didn’t wanted to see his face..


For some time.. She was feeling threatened..

But her friends made her realize, he should not matter


She took the right step,  deleted his chapter..

Moved ahead.. Freed herself.. Nd lived happily ever after







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