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KAS – 4

KNOWLEDGE AHEAD SERIES – PART 4 Some facts which should reach your minds. Vivo India employees claimed that the company had proceeded with the mass layoffs without providing a notice period to the employees.  Vivo India spending so much money in advertisements on such a large scale, one day, well gonna run dry shortly. According to sources, @snapdeal approves @Flipkart's $900-950 million takeover offer. Proverb 'Drowning man catches at straw' fits perfectly Wisconsin court orders @Apple pay $506M for infringing [...]

KAS – 3

KNOWLEDGE AHEAD SERIES - PART 3 Some facts which should reach your minds. @VodafoneIN announced #Sakhi packs, thru which Females can recharge without revealing their numbers, in order to provide protection to them. IndianRailways: @sureshpprabhu launched new app 'Rail Saarthi', which does, along with booking, Tickets, Flight, Retiring room, & future tours. A #Drone weighing 800 grams set a record in @GWR (Guinness) with recorded Top Speed of 179.6 mph & average speed of 163.5 mph Rats breed so quickly [...]

KAS – 2

40% to 50% of the genetic information found in your GI tract does not match anything that's ever been classified before - not plant, animal, fungus, virus, or bacteria. We have no clue what it is. Biologists call it "Biological Dark Matter".   When You Look At the Andromeda Galaxy Then You Are Seeing The Galaxy As It Was 2.3 Million Years Ago.   Money comes like a turtle and goes like a rabbit.   A new fossil of the world's [...]

KAS – 1

Some facts which should reach your minds. Scientists have shown that bees can use polarisaton patterns to identify flowers and improve foraging efficiency, but only if the flower face downwards.   The venom of the golden lancehead viper, one of the world’s deadliest snakes, can kill a person in less than 60 minutes.   If you eat a Polar Bear Liver, you will die. Humans Can’t handle that much Vitamin A.   There are no living descendants of Julius Caesar today, even [...]

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