The Painful Desires

“Muze Karna Hai” When we dream for something and about to achieve it, life will never be happy to see your dream to become true, It will come to you (Life) and slap you in a manner that you will cry..... But if you will stand up after that slap and say that "I WILL DO” then believe me no one even God cannot stop you to achieve your dream.... That "slap" of life to make you fail is the exam taken [...]


Hello everyone, this time I came up with a very practical topic related to the life of everyone. It was almost 15 days left for the exam when I suddenly had a thought to write on this topic. As i was passing by some difficult phases of the life and at that times a wise decision is must needed thing otherwise distraction is a sure shot thing to emerge in minds, so I thought to find out the answer and share [...]

Never Give Up!!! Everything Happens For A Reason

These 3 words NEVER GIVE UP seems to be very common to us as since our childhood, we are listening to the same  from our parents, teachers and friends but after a failure these three words becomes the sense of motivation in the lives of almost all of us. Let me explain the same thing with the example of someone who is very close to me: He is my childhood friend and I am not having any doubt in saying this [...]

The Fear of English…………

The Fear of English............ Hello. My Name is Mohit Khurana and i am writing this article for the first time in my life. For the past few weeks i was searching on the internet that how can i improve my english and my communication skills and the most common answer i got on every website is that if you want to increase your writing skills, start writing something in your own words it may be a letter, a paragraph, an [...]

One Life, Many Struggles

One Life…….Many Struggles A lot of people already predicted that this article is related to their own lives because they can easily relate themse lves with the word in heading above “Struggles” Actually, the reason behind writing this article is just to pen down my own view on this word because I am suffering with this word too. Yesterday, I was talking to my friend and was telling her about my family, and then suddenly I told her “I lived a life full [...]


What is it?? Does it really affects our lives?? Is there any need to understand it?? The answer is Yes….and the reason will be known to you as you will go through this article. First of all, let me explain you the meaning of : This is the system of our Thought Process running continuously in our mind either we are awake or sleeping. This is the real state of our mind that directs us regarding what to do or i can [...]

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