KAS – 4

KAS – 4


Some facts which should reach your minds.

  • Vivo India employees claimed that the company had proceeded with the mass layoffs without providing a notice period to the employees. 
  • Vivo India spending so much money in advertisements on such a large scale, one day, well gonna run dry shortly.
  • According to sources, @snapdeal approves @Flipkart’s $900-950 million takeover offer. Proverb ‘Drowning man catches at straw’ fits perfectly
  • Wisconsin court orders @Apple pay $506M for infringing on WARF patent. Cool, cuz @Apple always used to blame other companies for any reason.
  • @kaspersky finally announced its free antivirus after testing it in select regions. It was available in Russia, Ukraine, China on trial free antivirus will be available in the US, Canada and most Asia- Pacific countries over the next couple of days from Sept to November.
  • @Google has begun rounding up info about unfolding natural disasters, terrorism and other crises within its Search and Maps tools @Google SOS Alerts will help keep users safe during a disaster.




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