Part – 13 : GST 3B – Filing Procedure

Part – 13 : GST 3B – Filing Procedure

GSTR 3B is a return form need to be file for month of july and august. In GSTR 3-B,we do not have to provide invoice level information. Only total value for each field need to be file.GSTIN holder need to file GSTR 3B upto 20th august for month of july.

Please note that now this date is extended to 25th august.

GSTIN holder need to file GSTR 3B upto 20th September for month of august. Those who want  to claim benefit of opening input tax credit as on 1st July 2017 ( input tax credit as on 30th June 2017) must file TRAN 1 before filing GSTR-3B. For such registrants date of filing of GSTR-3B has been extended to 28th August 2017. However, GST due must be paid by them on 25th August 2017. Any shortfall of tax can be paid with 18% penalty by 28th August 2017.

Following are the steps of fiing GSTR 3B:

  1. First of all, login at portal with your GSTIN ID and password.
  2. Then select Return dashboard.
  3. After clicking on it,Select Financial year 2017-18 and month July.
  4. After above options,select option GSTR 3B.
  5. Then,declare your liabilities and Input Tax Credit claim to claim the input tax credit.
  6. If you are liable to pay interest or any late fee,then enter the details accordingly.

After above steps, SAVE GSTR 3B button will appear on this page,click on it.

Submit button will get enable after above steps.Click on it.

  1. System will then automatically generate the liabilities and input tax credit into ledgers.
  2. Then select payment of tax for paying the liable tax amount.

CHECK BALANCE button will appear on the screen. Click on it.

This button enable the tax payer to check the balance available for credit under Integrated Tax,Central Tax,State Tax and Cess.

  1. It is a good practice to check this balance before making the payment.
  2. Then system will check that whether you have sufficient ITC or cash.
  3. Then it will be checked by system that whether all liabilities are set off or not.
  4. Make sure that you have sufficient balance to offset the liability.
  5. A button will appear on the screen namely,OFFSET LIABILITY.

Then select the declaration statement and click on button GSTR 3 B.

  1. After All the above steps,a message will appear that ensures the successful filing of return.
  2. And acknowledgement will get generated.


Part 13 ends here. For further parts on GST stay connected with us

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