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The Painful Desires

“Muze Karna Hai” When we dream for something and about to achieve it, life will never be happy to see your dream to become true, It will come to you (Life) and slap you in a manner that you will cry..... But if you will stand up after that slap and say that "I WILL DO” then believe me no one even God cannot stop you to achieve your dream.... That "slap" of life to make you fail is the exam taken [...]

One Life, Many Struggles

One Life…….Many Struggles A lot of people already predicted that this article is related to their own lives because they can easily relate themse lves with the word in heading above “Struggles” Actually, the reason behind writing this article is just to pen down my own view on this word because I am suffering with this word too. Yesterday, I was talking to my friend and was telling her about my family, and then suddenly I told her “I lived a life full [...]

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