The Painful Desires

The Painful Desires

“Muze Karna Hai”

When we dream for something and about to achieve it, life will never be happy to see your dream to become true, It will come to you (Life) and slap you in a manner that you will cry…..

But if you will stand up after that slap and say that “I WILL DO” then believe me no one even God cannot stop you to achieve your dream….

That “slap” of life to make you fail is the exam taken by God and life; if you pass that exam no one can stop you to achieve your dream…..

I am sharing one short story and need your suggestions on above concept:

There was a lady who seen so many failures in her life, no helping hand for her (even she did not get help from her own parents) except her own hands, will power and her dreams, By her own courage she fought with whole society and after so many struggles-up downs she achieved her her goal, a degree, a good life..

But, one dream  was still pending which she was dreaming form her childhood…she was a lady with 2 son’s and  her dream was to marry a person who never married ,because she got married in life at very early age @12 but never get any love and care what she dreamed like all girls…

One day she found her dream prince which she was dreaming about from her childhood   to which her cause of living fighting with life was in front of he.. She was happy, she got married secretly with him, boy promised her and said will talk to parents when she told that see I have struggled any dam situation in my life but you will break my trust I will die..He assured her that don’t worry I will try all my best to convince my parents…After that they lived 1.5 years as a happy couple. Now what happened??

She started dreaming about her one more dream about to come true…But

Friends, “Life ko taklif hui k ye kaise apna ye dream achieve kar sakti hai, never, me use jitne ni dunga”

And life came in the form of that prince who was her hope for living life and came to her and said

“You are married, you have kids, you are inter caste, older than me”

If I Will marry you how will I live with my family my relatives? I want my family my relatives……I don’t want you…

See life now came n slept her so deep that see was having only 2 ways ,either cry and die or stand again and say to life that I will achieve this dream, how dare you to stop me to achieve it…

But this time she was crying, again she was alone; no one was there to help her except her own will power n confident…

But this time she tried to leave life 3 times but in that also she got failed…

Now she was helpless, speech less n was begging for her dream to that Prince but again and again and again he told a big “NO” to her….

But she has decided to achieve now …she stand up and told life that though you  slept me (that Prince) saying you can’t get your dream boy *(me the prince)….I have faith on God and I believe my will power One day I will achieve this dream also, dare to stop me life(Prince)….

Now I need to know from you the sweet and lovely reader, whether she will get her love? Or she has to forget him..

Need suggestion about her whether she will pass the exam of life  and also what prince has to do, whether he should  accept her and marry or not?


Comment your views.


-CA. Simrin Setty




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  • Ammu Reply

    Weather d story is real or not it does nt mean its abt her wish…and yes she vl find her charming prince back again in her lyf vth all love n respect she deserves…
    And struggle of lyf fr anyone nvr ends its goes on going to test our strength passion patience..
    So b postive n have faith in urself of being loved in achieving d goal…

    November 20, 2017 at 6:10 pm

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