The fatiguing lectures, dingy classrooms, tiresome schedule and all the back breaking efforts,still getting no results!!! Forget all these faddy theories when these educational sites can impart you so many skills practically and that too for FREE…

From Learning any speaking language to programming languages like C++ and java. These can provide everything. Making u learn playing guitar to boosting your creative skills, these sites can provide the best at your time and comfort.

Here is the list of 10 most famous educational sites:


This site and you tube channel created by Bucky Roberts with more than 1 lac subscribers provides library of more than 5000 of tutorial videos in web design, game development , programming languages like C++ ,JAVA ,php and much morehelping you ace in these skills



Why to pay exorbitant fees to professionals when you can be self-dependent for your Tax related problems…????

This site provides a key to solve your tax related problems just by watching videos and even asking queries from the founder Amlan dutta, which are alwaysexcellently answered personally by the founder, mostly within 24 hours.



Creativity is something which comes from within but it needs to be cultivated. Yet it is difficult to harness it, when we need it the most.

This amusing site can provide you with tonnesof creative and hilarious ideas regarding art and craft, music, art,design and much more making you impeccable in these skills.



Strumming hand,,,, fretting hand ,,, fret board,, well  if the words seems bizarre to you,  these will not ,after registering on the site Justin Guitar, whose founder Justin Sandercoe has spent 10 years to make a flawless collection ofguitar lessonswhere all the guitar enthusiasts can learn amazing guitar skills.



Whether itsmaths, science, computing, art or economics, physics, chemistry this site provides immense knowledge of the subjects from a class 2nd student to an IIT candidate.

Khan academy is a must visit site for everybody, acting as a global classroom working on one agenda which is

“Education for free, for everyone, forever”



Wanna do a web development course??? If yes, then this site is a must register as it can provide you with all the knowledge about Building , styling and designing web pages through their tutorials and references HTML, CSS ,JAVASCRIPTin And much more like SQL and JQUERY and that too for free.



5 minutes, a very less time, but ample

enough to make you learn something

new every day at highbrow. This

amazing site providesyou 97 categorise,

one at a time, tochoose what you like

to learn aboutand feel an awesome

experience in those short term courses.



Making learning purely fun through science is the motto at this site. Purely innovative, this site provides you with so many courses whether linguistic courses, philosophical, artistic, architectural, fashion, theatrical, music and the list goes on.



Aptly said that, one of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body could not do what it just did, and Fitocracy helps you to achieve this goal by providing awesome features, one can easily track the exercises at the gym making fitness a gamification by levels and achievements. You can also review others achievements through a social network. Just hitch your wagon to a star and get started withone of the most popular fitness site.



Duolingo provides you with more than 40 language courses where you can learn, test and train yourself only in some days with such a short duration of time and that too for free. Periodical tests can assess you and make your performance even better.


So guys, why hide your light under a bushel when there is so much to learn and experience in the world. Just grab the access to these amazing sites and enhance your skills daily..!!!


                                                                                                                                                                                       -Divya Bajaj


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